Elevate Risk Adjustment by Activating Physician Participation

Elevate Risk Adjustment by Activating Physician Participation

Risk adjustment is much more than a regulatory requirement for Medicare Advantage plans. Not only does it have a significant financial impact, but it can also improve the quality of care by providing an accurate picture of each member’s health status and ensuring each member receives the right interventions and treatment. Providers play an important role in risk adjustment, too. An engaged partnership between health plans and providers is vital to financial success and ensuring beneficiaries receive valuable benefits.

Our panel will share successful strategies and best practices for payers and providers to work in partnership to close gaps in care, achieve better clinical and financial performance, and support value-based care. Hear both payer and provider perspectives on building a successful relationship.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the challenges payers and providers face in the current marketplace
  • Establishing better collaboration between payers and providers
  • Offering providers incentives and support


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