Supporting Innovation and AI in Healthcare

Supporting Innovation and AI in Healthcare

Seema Kumar, CEO of Cure, an innovation campus in New York City, joins Eric to discuss how artificial intelligence can positively impact healthcare and lead to more innovation. She shares how AI has been used in healthcare and the promise it holds for the future.

The conversation also highlights the Cure Xchange Challenge: Health AI For Good, an initiative to incubate innovations by healthcare startups and entrepreneurs across disciplines and sectors to use artificial intelligence (AI) responsibly and equitably. Cure collaborated with MIT Solve for the Challenge and an independent board of judges selected the ten finalists. The winners will be announced later in the First Quarter of 2024.

Seema shares the stories of several finalists, including Oben Health, an AI-enabled platform that facilitates the delivery of healthcare screenings, education, and treatment via barbershops and salons, and Nutrible, artificially intelligent social workers.

This episode is part of a series of episodes featuring the Clinton Global Initiative Commitments to Action from the Clinton Global Initiative. Please listen to the previous episode, Safe Babies Safe Moms: Rethinking Equitable Access and Maternity Care.

About Cure

Cure is an innovation campus in NYC boasting laboratories, lecture, and office space, as well as technology and other amenities to set up innovators for success across the healthcare industry, including academic institutions and other nonprofits. Visit the website at:


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