Driving Innovation at Nashville General Hospital

Driving Innovation at Nashville General Hospital

Nashville General Hospital CEO Joseph Webb, D.Sc., MSHA, FACHE, joins Eric to discuss how the hospital is using innovation to fulfill its mission and vision to improve the health and wellness of Nashville  – one neighbor at a time.

During the conversation, Dr. Webb shares details on two innovative initiatives Nashville General implemented to address health equity and transform care delivery.

Food Pharmacy – In 2018, Nashville General launched the Food Pharmacy to provide access to food for individuals living with food insecurity and to educate those individuals about which foods best fit within the care plan based on their chronic conditions. Congregational Health and Education Network (CHEN) –  Launched in 2017, CHEN is a 501(c)(3) faith-based initiative with local churches and educational institutions with a primary focus on reducing health disparities for communities of color through education attainment, access to healthcare, and health literacy. Currently, CHEN includes 100 faith-based organizations of all denominations throughout Nashville. In addition, Dr. Webb provides a blueprint to help other health organizations implement similar, innovative programs to promote healthy communities and reduce health disparities.


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